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Financing Options

NEW! Financing Program

  • Proof of Income (verifiable & no minimum)
  • Proof of Residence ( with date shown somewhere, less than 30 days)
  • Proof Of full coverage Insurance
  • Drivers License or ID Card
  • 5 References ( Name / Address / Phone Number )

Do you need to finance your next vehicle?Here at Trust Family Auto Sales we CAN help. Regardless of credit & regardless of income.

It's all about the DOWN PAYMENT. Cutting to the chase, you are looking at a minimum of $2000.00 down for our worse case scenario program. We've had customers approved with as little as $500 down. But again, $2000 down a customer can usually have their pick on the lot.

We do offer lower down payment programs. These programs are a combination of 3 MAJOR factors:

1. Ability = Income to debt ration / How much money is coming into the household opposed to going out
2. Stability = Banks/Lenders like to see customers with @ least 2 years residence & job time ( same location)
3. Credit History = Lenders will pull your credit & observe how you have paid your bills.

"No matter of credit, repo 5 mins ago-NO PROBLEM"
As long as customer is NOT in Bankruptcy APPROVED !!!!


We pre-approve our customers, on affordability. Once we tell YOU what you are pre-approved for, the rest is simple math. For example if we say YOU are pre-approved for $6000 and you pick out a $6000 vehicle, YOUR down payment is purely the tax, title, and license. YES! It is that easy.


Our Worst Case Scenario CRAZY Program:

One qualifying question: "Are you currently in bankruptcy?" If you answered NO then congratulations! You are approved! 

-You pick the vehicle, how much of a down payement you have, and I can quote you monthly payements regarding that vehicle.

For this program, notice at this time I have NOT even asked for your name? That's why I call this program CRAZY!

So now that I have your attention, PLEASE contact one of our sales associates!

Our Middle of the Road STANDARD Program:

This program DOES require a credit application.

We will ask you the basics ( Name / Address / Phone / Etc... ) - Do you have a phone bill in your name? Land Line or Cell "Family Plan o.k."? Do you have a utility bill in your name? or checking account?

You pick the vehicle and how much of a down payment you have

Call for more details or simply fill out our Secured Online Credit

Our Best Case Scenario PRIMARY Program:

Financing is broken down into 2 major categories:

Primary: Customers who maintain a 650 credit score or higher. Can usually get a loan with NO money down and a great interest rate. Primary Financing is equivalent to a Cash Deal and current BEST rates are as low as 2.9%

Secondary: Approx. 649 score and below

There is some flexibility with previous stated, but that is for your Own
Bank or Credit Union to work out that gray area. Most important, if they do
NOT work with you............. We Will!

Let's Review These Easy Steps

1. Pre-approval: Complete Application 10mins.
2. Qualified: How much we got YOU approved For
3. Documentation: Provide documents listed above
4. Fun Time: Pick out the Vehicle YOU want!!
5. Proof of Full Coverage Insurance & Proper Down Payment and you Drive Away!! Of course sign your paper work also.

There are very small chances of being turned down with Trust Family Auto Sales: To name a few Only 1 car loan per customer Can Not be In Bankruptcy Need to make minimum $1200.00 gross per month And of course every situation varies, so if YOU are unsure, just ask.

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